Sunday, September 2, 2012

Amazon Instant Video Review: The Dictator


Ahhh, America.  The best place of AIDS

Synopsis Sasha Baron Cohen takes a break from Olympic Figure Skating and returns to her roots of portraying offensive third world stereotypes.  This time, a thinly disguised Saddam Hussein is lost in Brooklyn and falls in love with a pixified Anna Ferris.
What I Liked
  • Inexplicable Gary Shandling cameo
  • Inexplicable J. B. Smoove cameo.
  • The ending rant about the flaws of democracy.
  • The last funny movie I’ve seen in a theater was Borat.  This is no Borat.  Not even close.
What Sucked
  • Sasha Baron Cohen’s wife, Isla Fisher does not appear in this film.
  • And also everything else
  • We are a Vegan Feminist non-profit cooperative operating within a anti-racist anti-oppressive framework for people of all or no genders.
  • I took a feminist clown workshop once.  Help I’m trapped under a glass ceiling.
  • My Great Grandfather fought in the American Civil Jihad.
  • Wait!  What sorcery is this??
  • Menstruate with Pride!
  • Warning!  Shoplifters will be waterboarded.
  • When the thought of someone’s decapitated head upsets you.  That is love.
  • You two make a really cute couple together.  But maybe you can finish doing this when you’re not elbow deep in my pussy.
  • I’ll shave my armpits for you.
  • two breasts
  • zero beasts
  • Academy Award nomination for Jason Mantzoukas for his role as Rafi on The League, thus making his appearance in this film non-career destroying.
C- King Wally says check it out.

Feel free to check it out for yourself through my Amazon connections.


jtingermany said...

Wait, so it is worth watching? Or only if we're going to use your amazon kickback scheme?

Steve Cook said...

Up until the very end I was going to give the move a D. The ending rant against democracy tipped it for me to a C-. But, yes, it's only worth watching if you go through my Amazon scheme.