Monday, December 24, 2007

A Christmas Tradition

Merry Fucking Christmas

I don't know how normal people with large nuclear families do it. I spent a couple of hours yesterday and today doing my final Christmas shopping and I've had an impacted assfull of Christmas. Most of my gifts were purchased online. So, I'm a smartee in that way. But the biggest beat down over the past couple of days was going to the grocery store.

I'm having a couple of friends who have no where else to go over for Christmas dinner. Recently I saw a nice free range turkey breast (I guess the rest of the body is in a coup) at Central Market a few days ago. I almost bought it, but didn't want to have a raw unfrozen turkey in my fridge for more than a day. So I went back to CM yesterday and they were out of those breasts. I went back today and there was no improvement on the turkey breast front. I then went over to the new giant Whole Foods on Preston and Forest. Good Christ is that place nice. It is huge and it doesn't stink of raw fish and patchouli like the one on Greenville. Luckily they had my prized turkey breast. I can't wait for the new Whole Foods in Lakewood to finally get build. Too bad it's looking like early 2009.

One final comment about the holidays. You know it's bad enough to be behind some moron chatting away on their cellphone on the roads. It's 10 times worse at the grocery store. These people are moving slowly in a packed stored full of frantic people that mostly know where they need to go. No so these douchenozzles. They're just slowly moving down an aisle or, even better, just standing in the middle of an aisle while others have to maneuver around them. So, to you Cellphone Talking Grocery Shopping Persons, I give you a hearty Merry Fucking Christmas.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Wally's Pale Ale

I'm not going to lie to you. I was pretty apprehensive about tasting my first attempt at home brewing. Over the years several people have brought their home brew out to Winter League and they have all been dreadful at best. But I had to nut up and find out just how much of a punishment my designated beer pong beer would be.

The first step of tasting any beer is to open the bottle. Unless it's not in a bottle. Luckily my beer was bottled and I was able to accomplish the first step. Upon opening, the beer smelled good. So that was reassuring.

Step 2: Pour the beer. There was very little head and only mild carbonation. I guess I should make a joke about liking a lot of head. But really, this is serious work here and I will not stoop to such juvenile levels of comedy.

Step 3: Taste. Oh my sweet clean baby Jebus -- this is actually good. And I don't mean passable, but actually good. Now I won't say it's great. But it is good enough that I have had at least one bottle each of the past two nights.

Step 4: Share. Even Kat thinks it's good.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Drinking Lakewood: Lakewood Tavern

Shortly after I moved into the Wallagio, almost 4 years ago, the Lakewood Tavern shut down. I had only been in it once -- at the end of a St. Pat's day pub crawl. I remember liking it. But, admittedly, it was at the end of the crawl. So I was in no state to judge it properly.

So when Trent notified me that he thought it had reopened, I wanted to check it out quickly.

The place hasn't changed much. The tables and chairs are quite a bit higher toned. And the animal heads have been replaced with a giant projection TV. They are definitely going for an older, higher income crowd. A couple of nice couches are also available for sitting.

In stark contrast to the Capital Grill which was packed on a Tuesday one month after opening, the Tavern had only a couple of patrons.

Food wise, the place is ok. My pulled pork sandwich was good while I was told by the Jester that the hamburger was nothing special. Beer wise, well here's where I have a problem. They have two beers on tap -- Newcastle and Boulevard Hefe. That's an odd twosome in my mind -- a second tier import and a Hefe that has only been introduced to this area.

It's a nice place that probably still in shakedown. But please get some more taps.

Seriously, someone needs to open a bar somewhere with a nice variety of American Microbrews.

Hold that thought.....

C but I'll check back in a few..

6326 La Vista Dr Dallas, TX 75214

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Renamed Rides at Six Flags

With the announcement today that Six Flags over Texas hopes to sell beer next year, I propose these names for some of the rides (past and present).
  • The Big Bender
  • The Bed Spinnaker
  • Long Island Ice Tea Cups
  • The Runaway Mind Eraser
  • Irish Bumper Car Bombs
  • Cyrus Cosmo's Rotoricutini
  • Labatt's Riverboat Ride

Monday, December 17, 2007

Eating Dallas: Sangria

When the lovely Lidia suggested we go to a topless bar the other night I was fully on board. Unfortunately my hearing isn't as good as it once was and we instead ended up at Sangria -- a tapas bar.

We started out with something from each of their columns. Cold tapas -- tuna tartar with crushed hazelnuts, anchovy, olive dressing and crunchy pears. Sound good? It was very tasty. From the sea -- scallops with creamy potato puree. They were scallops, so they were good, but not great. From the land -- grilled kobe beef. Again, good, but not the flavor orgasm (that's probably not the best choice of words) that I was expecting from my previous Kobe experience at York St. From the garden -- tortilla espanola. This was much better than I had gotten at Cafe Madrid. And the accompanying aoli was fantastic. From their specials menu -- clams with stuff. Well, it's not on their online menu so I forget what was in them. But they were good.
We were still hungry and could not decide between the duck confit and the shrimp and crabmeat croquettes. So we got both. The confit was great. I declared it the best (following the tuna tartar) of all the dishes we had. The croquettes were just ok.

Add on top of all of this a generous pitcher of sangria, and this was a very pleasant evening.

4524 Cole Avenue Dallas, Texas 75205

Diving Dallas: The Dallasite

I've been trying to figure out what to say about The Dallasite Club. On the one hand it is an old school bar serving average American beer and average American greasy bar food. But the place was way too bright and too loud. But this is just not someplace I would want to go in my twilight years (watch it!!) to drown away my last few memories Alzheimers has left me with.

On the plus side, at least on the night I went, it had quite a few attractive women (probably nurses from nearby Baylor). So, if you're into that sort of thing, you might like it. But, seriously, there should be no attractive women in a dive bar. I don't make the rules.


3239 Ross Ave. Dallas, Texas 75204

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Diving Dallas: Pasttime Tavern

Now this is a dive -- dark, dank, smelling of 50 year old spilled beer.

The Pasttime Tavern was opened in 1937, and by the looks of it they have the original pooltable. And sitting at the bar appeared to be some of the original customers as well. I dare anyone to find any signage in this place that was put up after the birth of The Jester.

To seal the deal as a genuine dive, The Pasttime has both Schlitz and Pabst Blue Ribbon (in cans) on the beer menu.

So, when the day is long and the night, the night is yours alone -- think Pasttime.

1503 S Ervay St Dallas, TX 75215

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Winter League 2008: Week 2

I don't want to brag or anything, but I single handily brought my team back from a 13-8 deficit to defeat the evil team that Peach (We're From France) is on 15-14. (BTW. Whose idea was it to make games to 15 this year??? That's way to much. I only want to play a handful of points a game not a handful of points a half.) How did I do this, you ask. Well I left and headed over to start getting ready for Bad Santa. Missing my ill-advised hucks and even iller-advised short passes, my team was able to overcome my atrocious offense and even more atrocious defense (although I did have a lay-out D in the endzone -- even thought it was technically an strip not called. A younger Steve would have made the call himself. But this is me being a savvy Dallas Veteran ie an asshole) to win. Good work guys. But can you do it with me next time.

But my main focus on Saturday was to reprise my role of Bad Santa and raise much needed funds to the North Texas Food Bank. As you can see, it's a tought gig. And yes I do like my gig even if that's not the question.

However exhausted

I was able to rally

to corrupt another generation.

The New Phonebook is Here! The New Phonebook is Here!

In the 21st Century, the equivalent of Navin Johnson's exclamation about how he is finally someone since he's in the new phonebook is "Hey, you can see my house on Google!". Dallas has finally been added to Google's StreetView. So not only am I finally somebody, but so is Dallas.

Monday, December 10, 2007

More Acorns for the Rest of Them

I'm sitting on my couch, finishing up a technical quiz from a prospective employer, when I hear -- BOOM!!! And just as quickly all the lights, radio, WiFi network, heat, everything went out. On this dreary, cold day, my house went dark and silent. Clearly a transformer in my alley and exploded rendering my block as powerless as my ability to come up with a fitting metaphor.
Well, this was as good a time as any to head up to Bally's and work out. So I showered in the dark and headed out. And there, lying in my alley, was the very 3 dimensional squirrel that caused all this. I did the electroshock math, figuring that most of the dead squirrels in my alleyway are very 2-D.
When I got back, not only had the lights come back on, but the sad remains of the perpetrator were taken away. That TXU Energy is a full service power company.
BTW. This is not a picture of the squirrel. Since he was taken away before I got back I was unable to take a picture. This was just one of many picutres of dead squirrels I found on the internet. Good Times.

Friday, December 7, 2007

I Read this in Poof!

Bonus points for mentioning the Cornballer.

I Know More About Wine Than You

One of the singularly great moments during my walkabout was sitting on the deck of the Three Rivers Grill, enjoying the cool dry clear beautiful Oregon day, looking out at the Columbia River Gorge and sipping one of Oregon's fine Pinot Noirs -- O'Reilly's. So nice was this wine that when I got home I got online and ordered several bottles. I only got them just before Thanksgiving since they would not ship unless it was less than 80° here in Dallas.
Today I'm thumbing through the October issue of Food and Wine (it had gotten lost in the pile of mail from said walkabout and I'm just now getting to it) there is a small blurb about quality cheap reds from Oregon. And guess what they mention. Go ahead, guess. That's right O'Reilly's Pinot Noir.

Bad Santa

We're doing Bad Santa again this Saturday. I mention this merely for the opportunity to show me with actual women. Plus JT is asking for more pix of women. Sorry, JT, that the Jester is in the pic. I didn't have time to photoshop him out.
And in related news, this story is not about my Bad Santa since he only mentions oral.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

What the Hell Is Wrong With Me??

Every time I hear my phone ring and I don't recognize the number, my lifeforce gets drained. Why? I decided this week I need to really really really start looking for a job. I've updated my resume on Monster, CareerBuilder and DICE. So that's a recruiter calling. And I'm still not 100% convinced I need a job. Well, I need one. I just don't want to have to go to it and work. I know I've written about this before. But if you people (not that anyone is reading this since my long November drought) would do your part and click on my adds and buy something. Or better yet, if you enjoy this, how about a couple hundred bucks a month from each of you. No? Yeah, then this would be like a job and I would never write anything.

Ok. Gotta go. I've got some calls to return.

Winter League 2008: Week 1

I had hoped to have something in my bag. But, hey, I suck. And week 1 was pre-season anyways.

But my first impressions are.
  • I like my team Lord and Lady Douchebag. Surprisingly there are no douchebags. Although, to paraphrase a famous saying, if you look around and don't see a douchebag, then you may be the douchebag. That may be true since I did yell at a child the first week.
  • If global warming is going to continue to give us nice days like this, then I am going to go back to incandescent light bulbs.
  • Do we really need high schoolers drinking discs??

More Peach.

No one photographs people just standing around better than me. Suck it Pokie.

Some big headed dog.

Sunderland uncharacteristically hucking.

Peach thinks she's Madonna.

Next week: Bad Santa Returns.

Adventures In Homebrew

As part of my quest to discover my passions, I've decided to take up home brewing. Now when anyone has offered up some homebrew to me it's been pretty much terrible beer. So I'm expecting extremely undrinkable liquid to emerge from this first batch. So undrinkable, in fact, that it will be the go-to beer for all future Wallagio hosted BeerPong.

Cool my wort, if you know what I mean.

Freshly yeasted wort. That's what she said.

Beer being made. Thank you yeast.

I forgot to take pictures of the bottling process. The beer will be ready to drink one week from today. So mark your calendars. And if you're wondering, it's a pale ale.

If You've Ever Asked, "What's a FUPA?"

I forgot about this picture I took at the Baylor/OSU game. My only question is why was Mangino scouting two teams he wasn't going to play the rest of the year?

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

How Is This Not a National Holiday?

Thanks to the geniuses at Dewars, I learned that today was the day in 1933 that Prohibition was repealed.
Happy Repeal Day everyone!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Cool Pic of the Day: North Dallas 1959

Frontburner alerted me to this website. This is US75 looking south from Walnut Hill. I added some street names for reference. In the upper left you can see the old Dr Pepper plant. Also note the golf course that is now The Village.

DVD Review: Futurama the Movie: Bender's Big Score

Like The Family Guy before it, canceled Fox cartoon Futurama has been resurrected -- this time in a series of DVDs that will eventually been shown episodically on Comedy Central.

Unfortunately this story is a complicated time travel tale with everyman hero Fry going, once again, back to that fate New Years Eve 1999 day when he fell into the cryogenic chamber. So I won't be describing it. The other part of the story involves a race of Internet scammers that takes over the Earth and how the gang gets the Earth back. Ooops, hope that wasn't a spoiler.

Personally, I was entertained. Futurama is heavy on Dennis Miller Factor Funny (Dennis Miller Factor: The humor in a joke is inversely proportional to the number of people that get the joke. Only one person gets a joke, it is infinitely funny to that person.) There were many "Hmmph, that was funny" moments, but few out load laughs.

A- For Futurama Fans

B- All others.

Merry Fucking Christmas

I finally broke down and did some Christmas shopping today. Of course it was online. But it's the thought that counts, right? I hope everyone likes crap!!
In related Christmas News you can Use, Dirty Bad Santa will be making his annual appearance out at Winter League this Saturday. Bring cash if you want a picture with him or you just want a tug off of his Makers bottle. All money goes to the North Texas Food Bank. Which I hear is having a hard time of it this year.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Quadruple (Bypass) Your Pleasure

This deep fried cheeseburger is part of the Cardiologist Full Employment Diet invented by Willie's relatives over in North Kilt Town. You should see what they can do with a re-aligned phase coil.

Yeah, But I Still Would

Eating Dallas: Morton's The Steakhouse

I'm not going to lie to you. I like meat. And there is no finer form of meat than prime aged beef served at a premium steakhouse. And if my first experience at Morton's is any indication, this may be the top of the top of the top.
The original plan was to swing by Morton's before a Stars game for drinks. Well, I thought, if we're here for drinks (I had my customary Bombay Saphire Martini which was perfect) then we should also have some appetizers. Crabcakes (of course) and tuna tar-tar were ordered. Prime rib finger sandwiches were also served as part of Morton's happy hour. The crabcakes were nearly 100% crab -- and big chunks of crab at that. And, while I would say they were very good, they were not quite up to the level of III Forks or it's sister, Silver Fox. The tuna tar-tar, on the other hand was fantastic. It was presented on a tower of tangy tomatoes and avacado. The prime rib sandwiches were also very good and made me want to return for an after game meat snack.
And that is exactly what we did. Following the Stars game, the Lovely Lidia and I returned to Mortons and split a porterhouse steak, potatoes lyonnaise and grilled asparagus. The aparagus was perfectly grilled with a perfect addition of a balsamic reduction. The potatoes were just about the best I've ever had. Potatoes, bacon and onions -- could there be a more perfect "vegitable" dish. But these are just sides and thus barely count.

The steak,

The strip side was flavorful, tender and even borderline buttery in tecture. The filet side melted in my mouth like a Listerine Breath strip. (I am a wordsmith, kneal before me). And Alex assures me the bone part was a delight.

If you're like me and enjoy good food -- Morton's is for you.


501 Elm St Dallas, TX 75202

DVD Review: Cannibal Holocaust

Called by some as the most notorious movie of all time, I discovered Cannibal Holocaust via my obsession with List Universe (now featured as a sidebar) and its Top 15 Most Disturbing Movies. This list appeared about a month ago. So, I added it to my Netflix queue and forgot about it. Well imagine my surprise when this appeared in my mailbox instead of the expected Season 1 disk of How I Met Your Mother. Go ahead, imagine it. I'll wait.

BTW. Stay tuned for my public marriage proposal to Canada's #1 export, Cobie Smulders.

Well this is easily the worst movie I've ever seen.
From the comments on List Universe and IMDB, this movie was presented as a "Blair Witch" type movie only made two decades earlier. A documentary crew comprised of four Americans go deep into a South American jungle to do a documentary about cannibal tribes residing in the jungle. Of course they are never heard from again. So an NYU anthropologist goes to find out what happened to them, discovers the film they took and brings it back to America. The last half of the movie is made up largely of him showing the film to some studio executives who still want to make a documentary about what happened to those four people. We are then presented with a cavalcade of atrocities committed by the film crew until the natives have had enough and kill and eat the crew one by one.

When this movie first came out, it was thought that actual people were killed in it. I don't know why anyone thought this. All of the violence against humans looks extremely fake. The worst being the disemboweling of one of the film crew. It essentially looks like a garbage bag filled with organs sliced open. The violence against animals, however, is all too real. There is about a 5 minute interlude in which a tortoise is killed and sliced apart. Also killed on screen-- a snake, a monkey, a pig and a raccoon-like animal.

  • breasts too many to count
  • way too many man parts
  • 1 turtle execution
  • 1 impaled woman
  • 1 castration
  • 1 monkey brain appetizer
  • tree-people fu
  • cannibal fu


King Wally says avoid at all cost.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Mike FUCKING Sherman????

According to my CueCat, the Big Jim Jacks of Texas A&M have tapped Mike Sherman to coach their football team to a hopeful show (as in third, not as in THE SHOW) in the Big12 South. This is a man who was unable to win with Brett Favre. But, to be fair, Green Bay didn't have much of a tradition of winning, like A&M does.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Putting the Thanks Back In Thanksgiving

Maybe next year just forget the turkey.

Eating Dallas: Texas de Brazil

As the Jester can attest, I loves me some meat -- the more the better. And there is no better way to induce a grade 3 meat coma than a trip to a churrascaria.
I've been to Fogo de Chao many times and have even made a visit to Grapevine's own Boi Na Braza where I consumed enough animal flesh to make Ingrid Newkirk to spin in her self-righteous grave, if she were dead, which she is not. But I had yet try Texas de Brazil which is closer to my current home than Fogo and Boi.
Since all of these restaurants are basically the same, I can only really review my overall experience rather than specific dishes.
Well, the first thing that bothered me about my visit (remember, I'm a complainah/hatah) was we had to wait 15 minutes to be seated at 7pm on a Sunday when more than half the tables were empty. Really?
We were finally seated -- outside. I liked this. It was a beautiful November evening (all hail global warming) and TdB has an outdoor option that Fogo does not have. I then ordered a bottle of Penfold's Bin 389. After some time I was presented with a bottle of Penfold's Bin 407. I was told that they couldn't find the 389. Really?? They are similar wines, so no foul. But it is surprising.
The parade of skewered meats began. Everything was delicious. Meatwise (is that a word?), everything worked except the chicken parmigiana. My bad really. What am I doing saying yes to chicken here?
Overall, if you're in a meat emergency and live south of LBJ, this place will do. But if you're planning a trip to a churrascaria, I think Fogo is a slightly better experience.
2727 Cedar Springs Rd. Dallas TX, 75201

Monday, November 12, 2007

And So It Ends...

Friday I received my final paycheck from the corporate quagmire (giggity) known as Nortel. The pressure to find a job begins today. Luckily I'm addicted to ordering things from Amazon and thus have an abundance of cardboard on which to write "Will blog for travel vouchers".
The Greenville/Mockingbird intersection will soon be my new office as soon as I can dispatch that dude in the wheelchair that hangs out there.
Get a job, deadbeat!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Am I Back?

Is it over?

I don't know. I certainly have been fairly aimless recently. And this has caused a lack of blogging. I've ramped up my job search since if I'm just going to waste my time I might as well get paid for it. I'm not happy about it. If anyone can figure out a way I can travel the world and get paid for it that would be swell.

All It Needs is a Vagina

This article reports on a game console with 187 MAME-emulated games, a 24-inch LCD, cupholders and a built-in kegerator. It could also use a burrito (Chipotle) dispenser.

For When my Charred Remains are Found

My dentist gave me these molds of my teeth. Pretty cool, huh?

TSOS Test Kitchen: Indian Spiced Chicken with Indian Spinach with Chickpeas

There's a show of the FoodNetwork HD I Tivo called Pairings with Andrea. She's a sommelier who went to SMU. But despite that she seems to know her shit. Plus she's easy on the eyes. Well this recipe didn't come from her. It came from the show that was on just before hers -- Good Deal with Dave Leiberman.

I had dismissed his show as crap based solely on his Tony Romo-esqe permagrin and that his show always ends with his too cool friends showing up at the end of each episode to taste his offerings. Well these two dishes looked good and I had been wanting to try my hand at something Indian-ish.

I should have trusted my instincts. It's not that these dishes were bad. They were just suprisingly bland. The spinach called for just 1/4 tsp of cayenne. I doubled it and it was still pretty mild. The chicken had no heat to it. I think I may try it again with coconut milk instead of yogurt -- thai it up a bit.


Beware the Devil Dogs

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Life Imitates "Art"

Sadie has been spending much of her waking time cleaning herself and it made me think of last week's Sarah Silverman Program. I guess Alex is more discreet.

Sorry To Get Serious

But I found this article about a middle school drop out that is out engineering Detroit.

Motorhead Messiah
Johnathan Goodwin can get 100 mpg out of a Lincoln Continental, cut emissions by 80%, and double the horsepower. Does the car business have the guts to follow him?

“Check it out. It's actually a jet engine," says Johnathan Goodwin, with a low whistle. "This thing is gonna be even cooler than I thought." We're hunched on the floor of Goodwin's gleaming workshop in Wichita, Kansas, surrounded by the shards of a wooden packing crate. Inside the wreckage sits his latest toy--a 1985-issue turbine engine originally designed for the military. It can spin at a blistering 60,000 rpm and burn almost any fuel. And Goodwin has some startling plans for this esoteric piece of hardware: He's going to use it to create the most fuel-efficient Hummer in history.

Thank You and Come Again

Monday, October 29, 2007


Things are moving slowly here around the Wallagio. Even the dogs (I'm taking care of Sadie while Peach is off doing dirty stuff with her husband) are laying about more than normal.

The weekend was filled with all sorts of drunken hijinks, shenanigans and tomfoolery. We started off with the Peach/Scott wedding/reception where two generous individuals donated a keg of Sierra Nevada. Since this was a wedding, the mischief was kept to a minimum. But this was also the weekend of the Wednesday Night Ultimate 25th Anniversary Hat Games and after party. Much beer pong was played and many tiny quiches were consumed with the fury of someone with the drunken munchies.

Oh, and I beat the Jester in a best of 3 Mano-a-Mano beerpong championship. So I've got that going for me. Which is nice.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Eating Plano: Naan

For the fourth time in less than 2 weeks I found myself eating sushi. Not that I'm complaining. After all, I'm not much of a complainer.

Naan is an fancy-ish Korean restaurant in the Shops at Legacy sector of the northern gulag known as Plano. If it were in Uptown, it would no doubt be packed on a Tuesday night. But it's the northern burbs and Dancing with the Stars was on.

Since this is my first visit, I stuck with the semi-basics, tuna and salmon sashimi and two of their specialties. Their specialties are similar to a couple of the specialties at Blue Fish. So it is with Blue Fish, and not Piranha with which I will compare.

The sashimi was easily some of the freshest; tastiest I've had probably since Seattle. The only downside was that there was no white tune.

As for the specialty items – ahi tower and volcano roll – these were also quite good. I love the volcano roll at Blue Fish -- I'm a sucker for scallops. But despite the lack of scallops (there's crawfish and other goodies instead) it more than makes up for it with heat and tremendous flavor. I could not stop picking at it until the dish was empty. The ahi tower was also very good, but BF does a slightly better job.

Additionally, I was served a very good unfiltered sake. It was not slightly drier but more complex and flavorful than I'm used to with a nagori.

So, if you find yourself trapped up in the far reaches of Plano and you have to eat something up here, skip the dreadful Mi Cocina and head straight to Naan. And be sure to try the nagori.


7161 Bishop Road Plano, TX 75024

Monday, October 22, 2007

Glenn Has a New Job He's Told No One About

For the second day in a row, a list on List Universe was clearly written by Glenn.

Top 10 Meals on a Budget

Here is part 2 of our Frugal living list - 10 inexpensive meals. The best thing about frugal living is that you get to enjoy much nicer food than you would if you were constantly buying fast food. So, here are ten great cheap meals.

10. Mac and Cheese

This is an easy one to make and doesn’t cost much. You will need 1 box of Elbows or Twisted Macaronis. You can usually get the 1 pound box for $1USD. Then you will need a block of cheese, the Velveeta kind. I would recommend the store brand as it tastes just as good. This usually runs between $1 and $2USD for the pound. Then you will need about 1/4 cup of milk. Boil the noodles until they are just soft, then take them off the heat and drain. Do not rinse with cold water.

If you feel you need to rinse them, do it with the hottest water possible. Return the noodles to the pot and add the cheese pre-cut in to 1 inch cubes. Mix together until the cheese is almost melted (the mix will be stiff and kind of hard to stir). Return to a low heat and slowly add the milk slowly creating a thick creamy sauce. This will make enough to feed 5-6 people generously. If you are making just for 1 person, store the excess in sandwich baggies (press out as much air as possible) or in a food sealer in the freezer. When you want to make some just pull out a bag in the morning to defrost. When you are ready for it, make sure it is completely defrosted, pour into a bowl, sprinkle a light amount of water on top and microwave for about 1 min (give or take depending on your microwave). You can compliment this with a can of tuna but do not freeze if tuna is mixed in.


Egrets Enjoy Festival Seating

It's a cool, gray, rainy day here in The Big D. So it seemed fitting to warm everyone's cockles (giggle) with a picture from sunnier, warmer times. Plus I wanted to use the word cockles.

Oh, and Blue Herons like to hang by themselves in the luxury suites.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Glenn's List?

From List Universe, at least it looks like Glenn's work.

Top 10 Drinking Games

It is Saturday, so in celebration I thought we should have a list of drinking games. These will provide you with hours and fun and a massive headache. Enjoy! Warning: Binge drinking can lead to excess fun.

Flip, Sip, or Strip!
The game is best with 3 to 5 people, but more and the game will last longer. The rules are simple. Flip a coin and while it is in the air, call heads or tails. If you guess right, pass the coin to your right. If you guess wrong, pass the coin to your left and either take one article of clothing off (anything that is a pair counts as one item) or drink a shot. One catch, you cannot do the same thing (sip or strip) more than twice in a row.


Thursday, October 18, 2007

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Eating Lakewood: York Street

Back in the early days of Thursday Night Liver Practice, we would gather on the patio of The Tipperary Inn and wonder what this little place across the street was. It was in a small old gas station. And we could not imagine the greatness that resides in this tiny package. Eventually I did make it over there.

Karen is over from that Germany and is trying to eat all her favorite places. Luckily I got invited to tag along for her York Street visit.

We started out with tuna tartar and raw oysters. I'm not exactly a huge fan of row oysters. I've only had one my entire life. But at places like this, I'll eat just about anything. The tartar was very good and fresh. With such a small portion split between 4 people, it was hard to figure out what exactly was in it. I'm guessing raw tuna. Try to prove me wrong. The oyster was already dressed in a citrusy juice. It was almost like an oyster ceviche. So, despite my limited oyster experience, I'll give it a thumbs up.

For my main course I ordered the off menu item of Kobe Steak. And from my first bite all I wanted to do was yell at the top of my lungs, "I love Colorado!"* This is easily one of the finest dishes I've ever shoved into my steakhole. It was heaven wrapped in nirvana and drizzled with an ecstasy beurre blanc. It rested atop a bed of stuff I have no idea what it was. But I ate every bite since I did not want to waste a single molecule of this delight.

For dessert, I had the lemon buckle with huckleberry sorbet. Yeah, it sounded a little frilly. And I may have to start looking for a condo off of Oak Lawn. But this too was over-the-top greatness.

In conclusion, mmmmmm mmmmmm good.


6047 Lewis Dallas, TX 75206

*Anyone get this joke??

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Hanging at the Lake

It's been hard enough to get back on the bike. But today, while at the lake, I got a flat. No problem, I'll just change the innertube. Except that I'm a dumbass and forgot to bring a fresh tube. So, while enjoying the cool gray day at the lake, I got to take this semi-cool pic.

Beware the Pumpkin Pie

While recovering from yet another drunken Saturday and preparing for what turned out to be a Cowboy asswhipping, I headed to the greatness of Whataburger for my usual hangover cure. As I have been instructed by the commercials on The Ticket, I added a fried pumpkin pie to my order. I ate my burger with the fury of someone who was really hungry and hungover. I then turned to the pumpkin pie, took a bite then threw it away.
I was suspicious of the pie to begin with. You can't fry a pumpkin pie. But it's Whataburger. They know what they're doing. But the pie tasted remarkably like soggy Applejacks. So consider yourself warned.

I, For One, Welcome Our New Lizard Overlords

Well, in reality, this dude was hanging out by the hottub. I guess, waiting for the babes to show up. Yeah, me too.