Friday, September 11, 2015

Recently in My Face: Chow

I previously chronicled this was the best breakfast I’ve ever had.  And because I knew it would take two days to drive from Seattle to Bear Valley, a detour Chow one more time was in order.
Pictured above:  The Sampson - Poached Eggs, Crab Cakes, Sauce Choron
Yeah, that’s right, another crab cake.

Walkabout 2015 Day 5: Willamette Valley and Beyond

Walkabout 2015 day 5

Time to leave Seattle and start heading towards the High Sierras.  First stop is Bend OR with a detour for wine tasting in the WV.  I may have purchased a case and a half.


Recently in My Face: Elliot’s Oyster House


Oysters, meaty creamy Sea Cows on the left, briney funky Blue Pools on the right.


Crab cakes.  I can never get enough.

I almost didn’t make it there, but I’m so glad I did.  The Brooklyn is great, but for just oysters, and variety of oysters, this is the place.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Walkabout 2015 Day 4: Baseball and One Last Walk Downtown


I make this deal to you, the citizens of Seattle.  Any time you have both Neko Case and the Texas Rangers in town, I will dutifully visit and eat your seafood, including dim sum.


Rangers Win!!


Congrats guys!



Until next time, Pike Market.


Walkabout 2015-2

 Walkabout 2015-8

Walkabout 2015 Day 3: Bumbershoot

Most of the day was spent wandering around Seattle Center watching various acts I have never heard of.  One act that some how struck a chord with me was Moon Hooch.  They are a saxophone duo with a drummer that plays dance music. 




More Neko!



Nifty place for a festival.



Recently in my Face: Skillet Diner

Walkabout 2015-64

First you make a decadent grilled cheese made from brie and cheddar on brioche grilled with the perfect amount butter.  Then, because this is how I roll, I knock it up a notch by adding bacon jam.  But that’s not even close to good enough.  I then added a fried chicken thigh.  It was ridiculous.

Walkabout 2015 Day 2: More Seattle

walkabout 2015 day 2

A lot of walking around today.  After lunch at Skillet Diner in Ballard, I was dumped off at the waterfront to fend for myself.*  Eventually I made my way to Pike Brewery in the market where I found the A&M playing.  So I settled down there for a while and high fived myself when the final gun sounded.  Afterwards, to celebrated I headed up to the Pie Bar for pie and cocktails.  Unfortunately it was too dark for pix.  But still, a pretty good little day.

* It was either get dumped off at the waterfront or endure the Alabama/Wisconsin game.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015