Saturday, August 16, 2014

Men in Blazers Arsenal Preview

So far so good with a 2-1 victory over Chrystal Palace.

This is also a test of a new service that will automatically post my blog to Twitter which automatically posts to Facebook.  Yes, I am hoping to one day to manage the Social Media presence of the Piccadilly Twitz, but now I just bring the party.

Adorable Marmot Picture of the Day

Alex’s Mom posted this on my wall in Facebook since she knows I love me some marmots and Glacier Park.  But upon watching it the first time I exclaimed, “Fuckin eh, I’ve hiked up there!”

Want proof.


And without my big head.


From the video.


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Worst Day of the Year?

I’ve chronicled a number of times about my disdain for August. I’ve suggested the end of the worst month and agreed with area celebrity Craig “Junior” “Junes” Miller about the worst month and day of the year and found modest triumphs in ordinary August occurrences.

But even today as Craig gave us his ways to get through not only the worst day of the year (the second Tuesday of August) but also the worst moment (2pm), I thought “This August is not so bad”.


  • The amazing weather we’ve had this year.  Usually by this time we’ve had double digit triple digit days.  This year we’ve had a only a handful.
  • I’m fully an Arsenal fan and the Premiership season starts this Saturday.
  • And Doctor Who Series 8 (with the new 12th Doctor*) starts the week after that
  • Neck deep in planning for Walkabout 2014, which starts Sept 2 on a blog near you.
  • Tuesday nights are Geeks Who Drink quiz nights at The Nodding Donkey SMU.  We won tonight again, of course.
  • Multiple Dark & Stormies** at The Woolworth this month to cool me down.

So really, not so bad this year.

* I may have a problem


Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Dogs Are the New Kittehs

Alex and Zoe (7 of 25)

Alex and Zoe (16 of 25)

Alex and Zoe (18 of 25)

Alex and Zoe (22 of 25)

The interwebs are overrun with adorable kitty pictures.  Well fuck felines.  Dogs are the new cats.

Take that interwebs.

Recently in My Face: Momo Family Tibetan Food Truck

One of the advantages of working downtown is the availability of a variety of food trucks.  Well, at least that’s the theory.  Since working downtown, I’ve only encounter the same food trucks you see at Klyde Warren Park or every other beer festival.

Until today.

I was delighted to look down from my window in Thanksgiving Tower and see a food truck and an ethnic food I’ve never ever encountered:  Momo Family Tibetan Food Truck.  That’s right, for the first time in my life, I ate Tibetan food.  Who knew that was even a thing??

2014-08-06 12.57.40

2014-08-06 13.10.44

Seriously, check this out if you see this truck.  It’s a dude and his Tibetan mom making delicious dumplings.  I had a combo of beef and chicken curry.  And be sure to double down on momma’s hot sauce.

Be sure to follow them @momotruck.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Recently in My Face: Chino Chinatown

JT was in town and he dragged me not once but twice to his friend Uno’s restaurant, Chino Chinatown.  It’s a good thing it’s one of the best restaurants in Dallas or I’d be pissed.

TrinitiyGrove (15 of 21)

Elotes.  The most delicious corn in the world.

TrinitiyGrove (17 of 21)


TrinitiyGrove (18 of 21)

Ahi tuna nachos.

TrinitiyGrove (19 of 21)

Chicken Lollipops.

TrinitiyGrove (20 of 21)

Duck-fat Fries.

TrinitiyGrove (21 of 21)

Drunken Noodles.  I could eat this three times a day every day forever.

Regrettably not pictured, the duck fried rice with duck breast and a duck egg.  It’s a chock full of duck.

And while I a had my camera over there, I took another nice picture of the bridge.

TrinitiyGrove (13 of 21)