Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Onion Makes Me Laugh Every Time

This is a parody, right?

Full disclosure, I do Geeks Who Drink every week.  And this is how I do not want to end up like.

Oh and their name is funny cause it’s spelled with a Z.  Highlarryass.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Eating Dallas: Spoon Bar & Kitchen

I have to confess, while the online menu looked amazing, I was a little apprehensive about going to a restaurant of one of a “celebrity” chef – John Tesar.

I have no idea what I was thinking.  This was, perhaps, one of the most elegant meals of my life.


After a half dozen delicious oysters, we had a trio of crudo consisting from upper left, geoduck, cuttlefish and uni.  Each was completely different from the rest but each was delicious.  The uni was amazingly fresh and almost perfect.  I say “almost” only because of my belief that nothing is perfect.


The main courses consisted of skate with a duck confit dumpling – easlily one of the best dishes of 2013


and a perfectly cooked filet of sturgeon.


Dessert consisted of these two beauties.  Above is some chestnut concoction with a Makers Mark ice cream to the right, which was awesome.


And this tropical fruity dish with tapioca beads and deliciousness.

The awesomeness of this place is that there were not one but three free courses – an amuse bouche, a pre-dessert and a post dessert. 


If you’re not eating here you’re fucking crazy and must not like good food.  And for that I feel deeply sorry for you.



Monday, September 16, 2013

The Making of The Wallagio 2.0: Week 7 and 8

My personal laptop got packed away while, so I have been unable to process pictures.  But I have been taking them throughout.  Rather than dump a bunch of pics, I’ll list them out by day and what happened that day.

Sept 8



Baseboards installed.


Oven installed.  The kitchen is now fully functional.




Sept 9


More progress on my new bedroom.


Spare bath getting demoed.



Zoe loves the new floors.


Even more progress with the new bedroom.


Spare bedrooms floors ripped up.


More progress on spare bath.

Sept 11


Bedroom is practically ready for me to move in.

Sept 13


Backsplash, floor tile and cabinet hardware installed.

Sept 14


Tile in the spare bath finished.


Bedroom finished and being lived in.


Thursday, September 5, 2013

Support Our Green Mountain Gingers

Even if you bought tickets to her concert in Cologne and thought it was for the Tuesday after you got back from Italy and not that Sunday you got back from Italy that even if you did remember she was a 15 minute train ride away you were way too tired to even think about going.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Making of The Wallagio 2.0: Week 6.5


Things have picked up quite a bit since the last update.  So I thought I would post a midweek update.

The old kitchen has been demolished.


That wall is about to disappear.


Au revoir ugly wallpaper.


Not only is that wall gone, but the skylights are gone!!!


And you can’t even tell they were ever there!!

Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Making of The Wallagio 2.0: Week 6

That’s right, I’ve gone to weekly updates instead of quasi-daily updates.  For the most part, the day-to-day changes have become more glacial in extent.  Also, I’ve become bored with the updates process and a little frustrated that we’re in week six and there’s no end in site.

Such is remodeling.


New floor is mostly down in both living rooms.


Cabinets installed and stocked in new kitchen.






Granite and cooktop installed.


New microwave.


New sink.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Area Residents Make Trinity River Free of Tennis ball Scourge

Some friends and I went down to the Trinity to blow up some tennis balls real good.  Please to enjoy the carnage.

The Making of The Wallagio 2.0: Day 33


Large spare bedroom opening textured.


Fireplace bricks painted.


Appliances deployed for installation.


New bedroom door added.

The Making of The Wallagio 2.0: Day 32


Old living room walls painted.


Any vestige of the old opening her is now gone.


New utility room is now functional.


All cabinets installed.