Friday, August 29, 2008

I Knew There Was a Reason I Thought The GOP VEEP Is So Hot

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I Would Toss Him A Few Coins

McCain / GILF???

The Summer of Steve's favorite Governor is on the short list for McCain running mate. Although recent reports have her at the Alaska state fair today instead of in Ohio where the former POW (did you even know he was a POW??? he kinda keeps it a secret) will announce his VEEP.

Alaskan State Fair???

mmmmmm Chicken Fried Baby Seal.

UPDATE: Fox is reporting Palin will be the running-mate.

Yikes!!! He Could Be A Classmate's Son

This week's Dale Hansen Scholar Athlete of the Week went to Chris Vaughan of Fort Worth Arlington Heights High School aka Dear Old AHHS. Not since Turner Gill, has a Yellow Jacket athlete been this lauded.

Other famous AHHS Yellow Jackets:

Lee Harvey Oswald
Bob Denver
Bill Paxton
Tom Schieffer
The Summer of Steve's King Wally

Blue and Gold are the bessssss.

Texas State Fair Entices Area Blogger

Three words: Chicken Fried Bacon.

How could I not go????

No One Should Ever Go To PC ASAP To Get Their Laptop Fixed

My snarkitude had been temporarily silenced by a dead laptop, as many of you (and by many, I mean the handful that read this dreck) have complained. I can't help but hope the time wasted reading my blog was replaced with spending time with family, reading scripture or bringing food and friendship to shutins. But I fear it was spent vigorously watching the Paraguay Women's Javelin team. At least that's how I spent the extra time.

Faced with a broken laptop, I headed up to PC ASAP, the place I took my previous laptop when it died. Three years ago, I brought it there and got it back the next day. So why wouldn't I go there again??

So I did just that. And I was disappointed I didn't get it the next day -- or the next week. I called after one week had passed and was told "Oh, I'm just getting to it. I'll call you back in an hour and tell you what's wrong with it."

There was no call back.

The weekend passed and I called back to find out what was up.

"Oh, uhm, we're waiting for a part from HP. It should be here in a couple of days."

Yet another week passed and I called back again this past Tuesday. Finally my laptop was ready to be picked up. When I went to retrieve my precious, I ask what was wrong with it.

"Your memory wasn't sitting right. So we took them out and put them back in to re-seat them. It booted right up."


You fuckers had my computer for three weeks. That took 2 minutes.

The dude apologised and didn't understand why the misinformation. But the place is extremely disorganized -- reminding me of my days at the MicroCenter I worked at back at A&M. Every time I called I had to go through the routine of which computer it was and what was wrong with it. Shouldn't they just bring up my file on their computer system and see what was wrong with it and, more importantly, where it is. You see, that was the kicker. When I did go to pick it up, I had to point out which computer in the back it was. They had no tracking system and had to call the technician at home to find out what he did. Shouldn't that have been in my "file"???

So don't go there.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

My Precious Returns

Our long national struggle has finally ended.

My laptop is safe at home, once again.

Let the blogging resume.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Dumb Stuff I've Seen Watching The Olympics

One of the truly upsetting things about not having a laptop for the past two weeks (besides the lack of porn) is that I have not been able to comment in my borderline amusing way about the Olympics. Thanks largely to Neil, I’ve watched hours more of the Olympics than I had planned.

Admittedly, I had planned to watch 0 hours.

But I have been sucked in to some extent. With seven Olympic channels on Dish Network all in glorious HighDef, it’s easy to get sucked.

But let’s be honest. The Olympics are boring.

There are three kinds of “sports” I’ve got not one gram of interest in watching – hobbies (ping pong, equestrian, fencing), races and anything judged (especially anything prefaced with rhythmic or synchronized). And this is essentially the Olympics. Yeah, I guess the swimming stuff could be exciting, as well as that Bolt dude. But races have no strategy or defense and are thus not of any interest to me. And as anyone who has ever seen me play Ultimate knows, I’m all about defense.

But there is one thing I do love about the Olympics – the random dumb sport you only see during the Olympics. And there is no dumber or randomer sport than Race Walking.

Now, if I may digress. I have always wondered what would happen if a great athlete like a Michael Jordan or a TO Owens would have turned their attentions toward a “lesser” sport like swimming or cycling. With an influx of great athletes, the lesser swimmers and cyclists would be pushed out of their sports and they would have to find something new they could dominate or nearly dominate. Ultimately, and yes Ultimate would be effect by this, a large group of “athletes” would be pushed down to Race Walking.

By the way, I’m not suggesting that a Lance Armstrong or Michael Phelps would be pushed out. But the “journeyman” swimmer or cyclist would.

So somehow I was surfing the Dish last night and happened across the Men’s 50K Race Walking event. Doing that quick math, that’s longer than a marathon, and these dudes are going to walk it. Now that’s some kickass TV, 3 ½ hours of watching guys walk around like a duck. My favorite moment (and I only watched for five minutes before passing out) was at the 20 second mark, some dude looks down at his watch. I would imagine there’s a lot of that. “Jesus Christ how much time is left. WHAT?!?! It’s only been 20 seconds. Good Christ someone shoot me.”

Oh, and for those looking to get Ultimate into the Olympics. Well, it will never happen. There’s no way a world class Ultimate player could ever pass a drug test.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Laptop Update

The much needed part for my laptop should be here in a day or two. Let's all keep our fingers crossed that I get my laptop back before the weekend.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Laptop Is Down

So not much blogging until I get it fixed.

Maybe you should go out and play.

Just sayin.