Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Walkabout 2013 Day 17: Prague Beer Fest Part Dva

Day 17 was so epic it’s going to take at least three blog postings.  So stay tuned.

The first posting will consist of more beer fest hijinks followed by a tram ride back to the hotel where we encountered a band of locals heading to a football game and who led us in cheer.  “Let’s go Praha” or some such.  Many liters of beer had been poured down my face at this point.  So specifics are cloudy to mostly cloudy.

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TravellingAK said...

In Swedish there is an expression "vara i hatten" that means being a bit (or a lot) tipsy. That expression seem to fit in very well here: The direct translation of "vara i hatten" is "being in the hat". As everybody seem to be...