Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Leader Is Making Me Watch Horrible Television Again

Once again Adam Carolla has signed on to do mind-numbing D-List celebrity reality show.  Four years ago it was Dancing with the Stars (as decried here)and now it’s Celebrity Apprentice.  As I prayed last time, please let him be the first voted off whore island.

I may have to seek out a new leader.


Anonymous said...

Having never watched either, my opinion is that to go on Celebrity Apprentice is sinking far lower than Dancing with the Stars. You definitely need to find a new leader. Maybe you could caucus for Ron Paul or something.

Steve said...

Caucusing for Ron Paul sounds like some sort of homo-erotic threat, "Steve, if you don't get your coding done by end-of-business today, you'll wish you were Caucusing for Ron Paul"