Sunday, July 31, 2011

Twittererer of the Week


I’m not really sure this will be a weekly feature.  After all, I don’t have a strong track record on maintaining weekly features.  But this week’s Twittererer of the week has had me rolling and inspired me, for at least this week, to start a weekly feature.

This week’s Twittererer of the week is:


The Dallas Observer’s bawdy cheap food critic and James Beard Award nominee, Alice Laussade

With WFAA’s Pete Delkus on vacation this week, @thecheapbastard has assumed the responsibility of tweetering about the weather.  Some fine examples this week:


Today's forecast: Sunny skies and a high of fuck your face. #substituteweatherer

EXCLUSIVE : Hurricane Don finishes early, worries about reputation. #substituteweatherer

BREAKING: Arlingtonionites will sell boob for rain. RT @MedlinnieI: I'd do anything for some rain right now. #substituteweatherer

Fuck. All. That. RT: @CBSLarryagree! RT @marygaverykemp: if it's gonna be 100 next week I prefer the streak continue #substituteweatherer

That's like saying, "If I'm gonna get stabbed in the dick every day next week, I might as well get stabbed today, too." #substituteweatherer


Clouds, you are sucking at life right now. Fuckin' lazy. #getittogether #substituteweatherer

Hey Tropical Storm Don, Dallas has good barbecue and titties. You should visit. #substituteweatherer @wfaaweather

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