Monday, May 20, 2013

Eating Reims: Côté Cousine

The first official dinner of Walkabout 2013 was at Côté Cousine in Reims.  Dinner there was strong to quite strong.


An amuse bouche of salmon soufflé and avocado.



My Starter: Duck foie gras.  While it was very good, it was but the second best foie gras of the weekend.


To continue with my desire to maximize the cruelty in my meal, I went with the veal chop.  Sorry Lindsay.


Dessert: Gormand Café


TravellingAK said...

I disagree on the Fois Gras, I really thougth the first one was the best, I was rather disappointed with the second, to be honest. OK, presentation was also a part of it, obviously...
Thanks for posting, especially all the pics!

Steve Cook said...

La Cave may have been given an unfair advantage of my having drunk quite a bit of champagne prior to eating the foie gras there.

TravellingAK said...

Well, I also have to admit that the simple toast with the foie gras at the second place may have worked the other way for me, the presentation and the bread was so much better at Côté Cousine. I am a sucker for nice presentation... And normal plain toast doesn't really do it for me.

Steve Cook said...

I would agree that Cote's tiny brioche loaf and the black slate were a superior presentation.