Monday, August 8, 2011

Twitterer of the Week


This week’s Twitterer of the Week is another bawdy, blustery broad (yeah, I may have  a type).  A Canadian Indie Rock legend (if Canadian Indie Rock can have legends) and now a member of the The New Pornographers.  This week’s Twitterer of the Week is:


I discovered her originally in the mid oughts on an Indie music channel on the Yahoo Radio that used to be on Messenger.  I immediately was mesmerized by her voice.

A sampling of her tweets:

The next person who tells me "Go Vegetarian" I'm going to fucking eat YOU! I don't harass you. Leave me the FUCK ALONE!

The open drain/sewer gas access feature of my hotel room is fancy!! I am transported to ancient Rome!

If you ever hear me sing in that quirky, sickening, wounded, "Baby Alive" radio voice, please kick me in the Vag with a boot made of rasps.

@glttrgrrl @kirkland24 I work hard at NOT eating my dogs. They look like twinkies and smell like fresh baked bread and fritos.

@cram_mandible Come up with some opinions and TV catch phrases of your own, and let me make jokes about fucking beef jerky.

Happy Friday everybody! It's shower-time!!! I am a SKANK!

@ChrisRRegan The U.S. Never paid me back for that abortion.

Group of dudes hogging a big section of chairs to play D n'D. They are not giving 2 shits what the cool kids think about this. I love them.

Why do women cut their hair into the "Kate plus 8" hairdo? Did they just give up?!

Oh, lady with GIANT boobs running through the airport, I am so sorry. (and my chest hurts sympathetically)

The airport is the underside of humanity's balls.

I'm a dude, by the way. I've just decided.

I've been a dude for years,but if feels good to just say it out loud. I'm going to go change the batteries in some guitar pedals. #Mantime

I LOVE being a dude. I never have to have, look at, think about, hear about painting or talk about "fingernails" EVER. Blissed-out.

Her solo

And with The New Pornographers


magpie said...

I think the key story here is you are on twitter. And you don't follow me. :-(

Steve said...

jfc. How was I supposed to know?

jtingermany said...

Wait, Magpie is on the Twitter?